"band has something with much replay value on their hands"

There isn't a harmonica in sight with “Dark Harmonic” but there is plenty of dark and experimental ambiance that takes you on a ride of post modern rock sounds that should certainly delight the ears. “Dark Harmonic” is purely instrumental with Carl Adami on bass and Bill Maihen on the drums. The duo crafts something that can be probably be best compared to as a mix of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Foals yet they somehow have that Massive Attack feel to them. Their music alone could inspire a variety of imagery depending on where your mind wants to take you. “Dark Harmonic” is the type of song you expect to play during a film screening at SXS or Toronto. Either way the Las Vegas band has something with much replay value on their hands along with their other tracks like “Discoma” and “Phat”.


Gabrielle Azi / SONG LADDER