"Impressively the sound this couple creates is far reaching and diverse"

When I tell you that the Backhouse Lily duo of Carl Adami and Bill Maihen play bass and drums respectively, you may well begin to wonder if we here at SoT have begun to turn our hand to other less expected genres such as drum 'n' bass. Admittedly there's an obvious connection between d'n'b and the BL guys, but the unusual mix of dancey beats, indie pop rushes and a progressive outlook cause this pair to sound reasonably dissimilar to any one particular band or genre. In itself that is a good thing.


Impressively the sound this couple creates is far reaching and diverse, while the splashes of melodic colour Adami brings through his bass musings does have you scouring the paltry, if beautifully presented accompanying information to see if anyone is credited with six string guitar, synth or keyboards. They aren't and on that score you can only marvel at the skill and awareness this four string maestro possesses as he brings a huge range of focuses and depths to this release. Maihen too is skilled on his chosen instrument, cracking out varied yet polished beats from song to song, the production and mix (both by Adami) adding considerable clarity and bite to this side of things too.