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the best of BACKHOUSE LILY



Bass Guitar / Carl Adami
Drums, Percussion / Bill Maihen


Backhouse Lily was alive and kicking long before Carl Adami and Bill Maihen realized it had happened. They met while rehearsing for a few house bands they played with up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Either jamming in between songs or as an extended ending, they often inspired the rest of the band to leap off the edge with them.

It’s wonderful when chemistry between two musicians is revealed. It’s even more so when those involved come from different paths, Bill from the West Coast, playing punk and Carl, from the East Coast playing prog. This was a combination bound to be a catalyst for something unexpected. With no preconceived notions they ignored tradition and pushed the envelope of Drum-n-Bass. Still, in their drive to reinvent, Backhouse Lily held onto the energy that hooked both of them on music in the first place.

True to their live roots, Backhouse Lily is produced to make the listener feel as if they’re standing on stage, smack in between the bass amps and the drums. The production gives punch to the drums but also grabs the raw ambiance that surrounds the kit. In the production of both the drum and bass sounds, they didn’t forget humans are involved, along with a few noisy amps and stomp boxes. Capturing musicians arguing against imperfection is part of what music is and shouldn’t be left out.

Mutual respect is what carries Backhouse Lily past the pull and tug of making great arrangements. As a result, they have created an arrangement style who’s avoidance of tradition goes smoothly unnoticed.